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Our company has rich experience in the design, manufacture and commissioning of "Plastic Welding" and "Industrial Automated Assembling and Testing" systems.Such as hot plate welding, ultrasonic welding, infrared welding and new technologies and so on. Shanghai Suyu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of thermoplastic welding equipment in China. It is also the only company with all thermoplastic welding machines. Shanghai Suyu Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in JiaDing, Shanghai, nearby the "Volkswagen'' headquarters. It cooperated with France ''MECASONIC" in 2005. The staff members in 'SUYUSONG' now is more than 100.Professional and technical personnel in this company is nearly 90% of the total number. The domestic manufacturing output value is more than 85,000,000 RMB
In 2006, Shanghai Suyu Electronics Co., Ltd. and Europe's most influential brand of ultrasonic welding machine MECASONIC (Mecca Sony) achieved strong alliance, providing high-precision plastic welding machines for high-end users of plastic welding in China and assuming the post-sale service center in China (Mecca Sony).
In line with the objective of "Customer first, Fast solution, Sincere service, Thanksgiving customers", and the goal of "Being the world's top solution service provider in the field of plastic welding", Shanghai Suyu Electronics Co., Ltd. treats every customer seriously and responsibly in service and after-sale, and adopt the best materials and international design standards and safety standards in design and manufacture. The electrical and mechanical standard parts purchased are also well-known brands commonly used in the world, such as Festo, SMC, Misumi, Schneider, Siemens, Mitsubishi, KEYENCE, Balluff, SICK, Omron, Proface, etc. First of all, we need to ensure the quality of design, processing and components. Secondly, we can ensure the long-term stability of the equipment. Quality is the best reputation.
Main production: hot plate welding (pneumatic, hydraulic and servo), ultrasonic welding, hot melting, hot riveting welding (copper nut hot insertion, hot embedding), vibration friction welding and rotary friction welding, etc. In view of the automotive industry, SU-HE Electronic Automation Department has introduced "automotive spare parts assembly technology" from Europe to design and manufacture assembly workstations and automatic assembly lines in China, such as automotive door panel assembly line, dashboard assembly line, bumper assembly line, central console assembly line, dashboard assembly line and carbon tank assembly line. Air filter assembly line, intake manifold assembly line, machine filter assembly line and lamp assembly line, etc.
With large automotive parts manufacturers have cooperative relations, such as MANN+HUMMEL, MAHLE, SOFIMA, SOGEFI, MEIJIA, Roechling, Cooper-Standard, Valeo, Huaan, Shentong, etc., the technology level of production is also constantly improving with the progress of science and technology, and welding methods are more and more diversified, such as traditional hot plate welding, rotary fusion welding, etc. And new hot gas welding, laser welding, each has its own scope of application, each has its own characteristics. With the continuous development of the company, each welding technology has applied for corresponding patents, design and debugging experience is becoming more and more abundant. Shanghai Suyu Electronics Co., Ltd. looks forward to cooperating with you.